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''Rhyming Reflections''

Rhyming Reflections is a daily devotional geared toward anyone who has survived childhood trauma of any kind (abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment, child trafficking, etc.); mental health issues (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.); addiction and/or overdose; raised by parents of addiction; suicide attempts or ideation; etc., but can also be helpful to anyone going through life transitions or transformations to help guide you through the process of reflecting back over your life as you reconcile your past and move on to your future. It is also helpful for those who have not reconciled their troubled past and are terminally ill to help them reach the acceptance stage of the end-of-life mourning process we tend to go through as illness progresses. Each day has a theme that includes a topic, found within the poem, and a verse that relates to that poem. Also, in the paperback version, a blank journal page is provided for each day so the reader can write down their own thoughts, feelings, or emotions, after reading the poem and verse for that day...

''The Magical Imperfect''

Set against the backdrop of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake in a town of refugees who came to America via Angel Island, the middle grade novel in verse is about a boy who is selectively mute and a girl who won't leave her house because of a skin condition and the magical Jewish clay that allows them to help each other.

''Rez Dogs''

Malian was visiting her grandparents on the reservation when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Now she's staying there, away from her parents and her school in Boston. Everyone is worried about the pandemic, but on the reservation, everyone protects each other, from Malian caring for her grandparents to the local dog, Malsum, guarding their house. They always survive together.
Malian hears stories from her grandparents about how it has always been this way in their community: Stories about their ancestors, who survived epidemics of European diseases; about her grandfather, who survived a terrible government boarding school; and about Malian's own mother, who survived and returned to her Native community after social services took her away to live in foster care as a child. With their community and caring for one another, Malian and her family will survive this pandemic, too...

''An Exhalation of Dead Things''


"In a world quick to paper over its cracks and rot, AN EXHALATION OF DEAD THINGS stands in stark contrast, boldly and courageously balancing the beautiful, the abject, and the knowledge that everyone on earth will someday decay and disappear into the grinning void. These poems bring to mind Joseph Campbell’s sage words of advice: 'the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.' Take a read and enter that cave!"


"An Exhalation of Dead Things, is an unflinching portrayal of identity and survival. These poems embody a constant state of becoming that is tied to the death and rebirth of self. Through intricate and piercing language, Savannah Slone confronts what is both personal and pivotal—moments that shape who we are despite what we have lost. An Exhalation of Dead Things will challenge readers to contemplate their various selves to ultimately become 'flowers from rust'."

''Letters in a Bruised Cosmos''

The danger and necessity of living with each other is at the core of Liz Howard's daring and intimate second collection. Letters in a Bruised Cosmos asks who do we become after the worst has happened? Invoking the knowledge histories of Western and Indigenous astrophysical science, Howard takes us on a breakneck river course of radiant and perilous survival in which we are invited to "reforge [ourselves] inside tomorrow's humidex". Everyday observation, family history, and personal tragedy are sublimated here in a propulsive verse that is relentlessly its own. Part autobiography, part philosophical puzzlement, part love song, Letters in a Bruised Cosmos is a book that once read will not soon be forgotten...

''There's a Revolution Outside, My Love: Letters from a Crisis''

We are living through an unprecedented, revolutionary era. Across the country, people are losing their loved ones, their livelihoods, their homes, and even their own lives to COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, countless protests erupted this summer over the recurring loss of Black lives. Shock and outrage reverberated. There's a Revolution Outside, My Love captures and gives voice to all of these roiling sentiments that were unleashed in a profoundly affecting time.
Beginning with a heart-rending poem by masterful poet Patricia Smith that grieves the murder of George Floyd, among others--the pieces in this anthology fan out from there, offering a kaleidoscopic and intimate view of the change we all underwent. Composed of searing letters, essays, poems, reflections, and screeds, There's a Revolution Outside, My Love highlights the work of some of our most powerful and treasured writers. They hail from across a range of backgrounds and from almost all fifty states. Between them, have brought home four Pulitzers, two National Book Awards, a fistful of Whitings, and numerous citations in best American poetry, short story, and essay compilations. They are noisy with beauty, and their pieces ring out.
Galvanizing and lyrical, this is a deeply profound anthology of writing filled with pain and beauty, warmth and intimacy. A remarkable feat of empathy, There's a Revolution Outside, My Love offers solace in a time of swirling protest, change, and violence--reminding us of the human scale of the upheaval, and providing hope for a kinder future...

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